The literature and software for the radiofan (radioamateur)

(all books are present in russian language !!! )


Antenns:  SAT, TV, FM, AM,  etc.      (read now )    (download 9,2 mb)

 Power supply  USSR TV                   (read now )    (download 12 mb )

       Power supply other  TV                     (read now )          (download 12 mb)

About  SB communications                  (read now )         (download 95 ęb)

How choose anten?             (read now )          (download  9,6 mb)

The practical encyclopedia of the foreman on electric repair     (read now)     (download 12 mb)

How to struggle with the telephone pirates     (read now )    (download 1,4 mb)

Security and protect systems. Part 1         (read now )       (download 11 mb)

Security and protect systems. Part 2         (read now )       (download 11 mb)

System for remote videomonitoring of objects   (read now)  (download 40 ęb)

System for digital videorecording and monitoring of objects   (read now )

Bugs - part 1                      (read now )    (download 0,8 mb)

Bugs - part 2                      (read now )     (download 3,9 mb)

SB  radio                            (read now )    (download 2,1 mb)

New  TV and SAT antenns        (read now )          (download 8,3 mb)

Secrets. How to make a hiding place    (read now)   (download 8,5 mb)

Reception of very far telecentres        (read now )     (download 5 mb)

500 shems . Part 1.   The radiotransmitters           (download  500 ęb)

    500 shems. Part 2.   The radioreceivers                  (download  2,09 mb)

    500 shems. Part 3.  The amplifiers                             (download  2,69 mb)

    500 shems. Part 4.  Power supply                           (download   2,4 mb)

Electronics engineering                       (read now)       (download  5,3 mb)

Phones end additional devises          (read now)       (download 13,6 mb)

Shemes for radiofan. Part 1                    (read now)       (download  9,5 mb )

Shemes for radiofan. Part  2                   (read now)      (download 13,0 mb )

Shemes for radiofan. Part 3                  (read now)        (download  8,1 mb)

Shemes for radiofan. Part 4                    (read now)        (download  5,3 mb   )

Metalsearches                                      (read now)       (download  4,6 mb  )


The note:   That  you could   read now  the books in a format  PDF,   In your computer 

should be installed  ADOBE ACROBAT   READER    version 3.0 or above .

( download  ACROBAT READER  3.02    (4,75 Mb)


The books of a series " 500 circuits (schemes) for the radiofan(radioamateur) " are made by the author , the information was going within many years from open sources.


The following programs for the radiofan  (radioamateur)  are offered to you:


The program - generator  signals of any form

The program - generator audio signals

The program - loader of a colour code of resistors

The program - drawing of the circuits (schemes)

The program for account of transformers - simple

The program for account of transformers - complicated

The program - drawing of plates

The program - osciloscope and spectrometer

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